2011 Miss USA Competition

06/11/2011     Matt Goss

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Matt Goss and Miss USA 2010, Rima Fakih, pose for a photo with 25 of the Miss USA Contestants before attending the Matt Goss Show at Ceasers in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday June 11, 2011. The contestants appear at events leading up to the 2011 MISS USA® Pageant on June 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET broadcast LIVE on NBC from the Theatre for Performing Arts in Las Vegas. Vote your favorite contestant into the semifinals on http://www.missuniverse.com/missusa/members/contestants.

(Front Row) Miss Illinois USA 2011, Angela Sparrow; Miss New Hampshire USA 2011, LacyJane Folger; Miss Rhode Island USA 2011, Kate McCaughey; Miss North Carolina USA 2011, Brittany Leigh York; Miss Louisiana USA 2011, Page Pennock; Miss New Jersey USA 2011, Julianna White; Miss New York USA 2011, Amber Marie Collins; (Second Row) Miss Maryland USA 2011, Allyn Rose; Miss Pennsylvania USA 2011, Amber-Joi Watkins; Miss South Carolina USA 2011, Courtney Hope Turner; Miss Alaska USA 2011, Jessica Chuckran; Miss Massachusetts USA 2011, Alida D'Angona; Miss Maine USA 2011, Ashley-Lynn Marble; (Third Row) Miss Alabama USA 2011, Madeline Mitchell; Miss Tennessee USA 2011, Ashley Durham; Miss Oregon USA 2011, Anna Prosser; Miss Missouri USA 2011, Hope Driskill; Miss Nebraska USA 2011, Haley Jo Herold; Miss North Dakota USA 2011, Brandi Lynn Schoenberg; Miss Washington USA 2011, Angelina Kayyalaynen; (Forth Row) Miss Texas USA 2011, Ana Christina Rodriguez; Miss Virginia USA 2011, Nikki Poteet; Miss Minnesota USA 2011, Brittany Lee Thelemann; Miss Georgia USA 2011, Kaylin Reque; and Miss Florida USA 2011, Lissette Garcia

Keywords: MISS USA 2011, Matt Goss

Photographer: Darren Decker



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